Documentation Services

What documentation will you need for vehicle ownership?

The documentation needed for purchasing a vehicle in Japan is as follows:

  • A signature verification form. This is provided by your Country’s Embassy or IF you have a registered stamp (Hanko), you can obtain the form from your local Ward Office.
  • A Parking Certificate. This document is provided by your Property Landlord or Agent. It proves that you have a legal parking spot to house your motor vehicle.
  • The other required documentation will be provided by ProAuto on pickup.
  • We will walk you through the process prior to the scheduled day for processing.

There can be a lot of red tape associated with the purchase or a sale of a vehicle here in Japan. At ProAuto our aim is to reduce the burden of this and give you peace of mind, knowing that all is being taken care of.

Transfer of Ownership (Private sale)

If you are selling your car to a friend or colleague, we can also take the stress out of the process of “Change of Title” by taking care of everything on your behalf.
Our fees are very competitive and we can complete the process within 3 to 5 working days provided both parties have the required documents arranged.

ETC System (Electronic Toll Collection)

The ETC System allows drivers to automatically drive through the ETC barriers on the highways throughout Japan i.e. toll roads.
Most new and late model cars come already equipped with an ETC System. In order to use this system you will need to apply for an ETC card at a branch of ‘Japan Bank’. Once you have received your ETC card in the mail, you can then insert it and drive. This process is different with each bank. It helps if you have an account with the bank at which you apply for your ETC card.